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At IA Medical Billing, we specialize in delivering comprehensive medical billing solutions tailored to the unique needs of healthcare providers. Our mission is to streamline your billing processes, enhance revenue cycles, and reduce administrative burdens, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional patient care.

Our Services and Expertise

Credentialing Services: Ensuring that your providers are properly credentialed with insurance networks is crucial for timely reimbursement. IA manages the credentialing process efficiently, keeping your providers’ information up-to-date and compliant with payer requirements.

Learning Management System and Tools

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the vast need for an online market, as well as online education and lectures. Just recently, Oxford University had pledged that only online classes will be conducted until June of 2021. Many students have demanded refunds since they do not want to pay full-time fees for a part-time education that is not as effective as a learning experience.

Considering these shortcomings, we at Information Architects provide the best services to make these learning experiences not only advanced and user-friendly, but also fun and entertaining. In addition to LMS, we also offer complete school management systems and to train the trainers’ seminars to boost faculty productivity and well-being.

IT Services

Our experience and innovation to help customers run their businesses more effectively and seamlessly. Through our talent and concern, we strive to exceed  client’s expectations and help customers throughout the world.

For your company to grow, it is essential to choose the best technology. Hiring an innovative IT service provider is the easiest way to ensure that you are making the best use of technology, increasing sales, and staying one step ahead of the competition.

Your company’s e-presence can be set up within days.

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Our Clients

Our collaboration with AVIS, a leading company in the rent-a-car industry, has been highly successful since we started working together in 2006. we have provided advanced AI modules tailored to enhance their business operations. These AI solutions have significantly improved AVIS’s customer experience by optimizing fleet management, automating booking processes, and providing predictive maintenance for their vehicles. The integration of our AI modules has not only streamlined their operations but also increased their efficiency and customer satisfaction, positioning AVIS at the forefront of innovation in the rent-a-car sector.

We are proud to provide technical support for six of Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed’s courses on Udemy. Our dedicated team assists students with any technical issues they encounter during their learning journey. By offering prompt and effective solutions, we help ensure that students can concentrate on mastering the course material without being hindered by technical challenges. Our commitment to excellent support has significantly enhanced the learning experience for Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed’s students, contributing to their success and satisfaction.

Schlumberger enlisted our expertise for document digitization services to handle their official documents and oil field maps. Currently, they benefit from our technical team’s on-site support, ensuring efficient and seamless digitization and management of their critical documents and maps. This collaboration enhances Schlumberger’s operational efficiency and data accessibility.

Our collaboration with Jazz, a leading mobile operator, encompassed the organization of their HR files system, leveraging a customized application developed by our proficient programmers. This tailored solution facilitated seamless access and management of employee data, enhancing HR efficiency and accuracy. Additionally, we undertook the scanning and digitization of Jazz’s finance system, enabling streamlined access to financial records and facilitating efficient decision-making processes. Furthermore, our team handled the scanning, cataloging, and barcoding of essential documents, ensuring their easy retrieval and archival. Through our comprehensive approach, we contributed to Jazz’s operational optimization and digital transformation, empowering them to better serve their customers in the dynamic telecommunications industry.

We provided highly skilled programmer staff to IUCN Commissions through our staff augmentation services. Our team of experts seamlessly integrated with IUCN’s existing workforce, bringing specialized knowledge and technical proficiency to their projects. By augmenting their staff with our experienced programmers, IUCN was able to efficiently tackle complex tasks, enhance their digital infrastructure, and accelerate project timelines. This collaborative approach ensured that IUCN Commissions maintained their focus on conservation and sustainability goals while benefiting from the flexibility and expertise our staff augmentation services offered.

We designed our add-on app for Telenor, the leading mobile operator, to enhance and streamline the user experience. This innovative app offered an array of features tailored specifically for Telenor customers, including advanced usage analytics, custom notifications for data and billing cycles, and a comprehensive rewards program. The app seamlessly integrated with Telenor’s existing services, providing an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Whether users were long-time subscribers or new to the network, our add-on app for Telenor helped them maximize their mobile experience, ensuring they stayed informed, rewarded, and connected.

We are proud to support Oxfam’s mission to end violence against women, girls, and sexual minorities in Pakistan by providing specialized software development services. Our tailored solutions empower Oxfam to enhance their programs, ensuring that vulnerable groups have access to quality education and reproductive health services. Additionally, our software assists in Oxfam’s Humanitarian Response and Disaster Risk Management efforts, streamlining operations and improving the efficiency of aid delivery. By leveraging our technical expertise, we enable Oxfam to focus on their critical work, making a significant impact on the lives of those in need.

Our team provides comprehensive server-side support to Alcatel, the renowned French/Chinese telecommunications company formerly known as Alcatel Mobile Phones and Alcatel OneTouch. With a focus on ensuring robust and efficient server operations, we deliver tailored solutions that enhance Alcatel’s technological infrastructure. Our support services include server maintenance, performance optimization, and security management, all designed to maintain seamless connectivity and operational excellence. By partnering with Alcatel, we help sustain their legacy of innovation and reliability in the telecommunications industry, allowing them to continue delivering high-quality products and services to their global customer base.


Information Architects, in partnership with M/S Quaid Technologies, has a distinguished track record of successful collaborations with various high-profile clients. Our joint ventures span multiple sectors and regions, including:

  • Pakistan and Dubai Governments
  • Askari Bank
  • US Green Card Office
  • YellowZip, USA
  • Madina Institute of Leadership and Entrepreneurship, KSA
  • DEPA Group, Dubai

We have built a reputation for delivering exceptional results, leveraging our combined expertise to meet the unique needs of each client. For a detailed overview of our joint venture portfolio, please visit our Showcase.